Chardham yatra cost per person 2023- Motherland India Holidays

Chardham yatra cost per person 2023

Chardham yatra cost per person 2023- Motherland India Holidays

One of the most revered and auspicious routes for Hindus to travel is the Char Dham Yatra. The chardham yatra cost per person 2023 is all you need to know, so stop searching. The shrines of  Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath—collectively known as the Chota Char Dham of India—are tucked away in the majestic Himalayas and open to pilgrims as part of the Char Dham Yatra—are visited throughout the pilgrimage.

Beginning in April or May, the Char Dham’s gates will be open. Depending on the mode of transportation and lodging each pilgrim selects in accordance with its suitability, the chardham yatra cost per person 2023 varies. The approximate cost to attend the Char Dham is provided here, taking into account the mode of transportation selected.

This cost plan is made by Motherland India Holidays Pvt. Ltd. for the spiritual journey of Char Dham Yatra: 

Packages Chardham yatra cost per person (in Rs.)
Chardham yatra by helicopter Rs. 1,85,000
Chardham Yatra from Delhi Rs. 34,999
Chardham Yatra from Haridwar Rs. 33,999

Char Dham Yatra family package 2023

Chardham yatra cost per person 2023
Chardham yatra cost per person 2023


Char Dham Yatra family package 2023: One of the most well-known pilgrimages in India is to Chardham. People in India, a country known for its spirituality, constantly yearn to take a once-in-a-lifetime journey on the Chardham Yatra family package since it is the ideal vacation. The four locations covered by the Chardham family package are Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath. Choose April through June as the best time to visit Chardham with your family to make the most of your visit.

Looking for a memorable family holiday in India? Look no further than our Char Dham Yatra family package! This all-inclusive trip takes you through some of the most breathtakingly beautiful regions of the country, including Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath. We’ll take care of everything – transportation, accommodations, meals, and sightseeing – so that you can focus on spending quality time with your loved ones

You’ll have the opportunity to explore ancient temples, soak up stunning mountain views, and immerse yourselves in local culture along the way. 

Our knowledgeable guides will be with you every step of the journey to ensure that you have an authentic and unforgettable experience. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bond with your family while discovering the enchanting wonders of India’s Char Dham region.

Chardham yatra cost per person 2023
Chardham yatra cost per person 2023


Tour Itinerary for Chardham yatra package

Day 01: Haridwar to Barkot

Day 02: Barkot to Yamunotri to Barkot

Day 03: Barkot to Uttarkashi

Day 04: Uttarkashi to Gangotri to Uttarkashi

Day 05: Uttarkashi to Guptkashi

Day 06: Guptkashi to Kedarnath

Day 07: Kedarnath to Guptkashi

Day 08: Guptkashi to Badrinath

Day 09: Badrinath to Rudraprayag

Day 10: Rudraprayag to Haridwar


Char Dham Yatra package cost by train 2023

Chardham yatra cost per person 2023
Chardham yatra cost per person 2023


Char Dham Yatra package cost by train 2023: If you are planning to embark on the revered Char Dham Yatra in India, it’s important to consider your budget and select a cost-effective travel option. The Char Dham Yatra package cost by train can vary between INR 20000-35000 depending on various factors such as seasonality, class of travel, accommodation, and itinerary duration. 

Generally, most packages include train tickets from Delhi to Haridwar or Dehradun, followed by road transportation to the four holy shrines of Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath. 

Accommodation options range from budget lodges to luxury hotels depending on your preference and budget. Ensure that you research well before booking as there are several tour operators who offer competitive pricing for the same package. 

Opting for a train-based Char Dham Yatra package is an affordable way to make this spiritual journey with your loved ones.

Places will be covered: Haridwar, Dehradun, Mussoorie, Kamptifall, Yamuna Bridge, Rishikesh, Hanumanchatti, Yamunotri, Uttrakashi, Harsil, Gangotri, Devprayag, Rudraprayag, Agustmuni Ashram, Guptkashi, Gaurikund, Kedarnath, Chopta, Tungnath, Karnaprayag, Nandprayag, Vishnuprayag, Srinagar, Joshimath, Badrinath, Bhim pul, Ved-Vyas Gufa, Mana Village.


Char dham yatra package cost by helicopter 2023

Chardham yatra cost per person 2023
Chardham yatra cost per person 2023


Char dham yatra package cost by helicopter 2023: Although using a helicopter during the Char Dham Yatra can be expensive, it makes sense considering the nature of the journey and its historical significance. Depending on the company you select and the details of your schedule, the cost of a Char Dham Yatra by helicopter varies greatly. An average helicopter package may cost between 1,50,000 and 2,00,000 per person

These packages frequently cover all transportation expenses as well as on-site lodging and meals. Even while it may seem pricey, travelling by helicopter allows you to skip exhausting drives or long climbs between destinations, which will result in considerable time and energy savings. And let’s face it, viewing India’s holiest sites from above is an unmatched experience that shouldn’t be missed.

Brief information is given in a table

Destination will cover Haridwar, Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath
Duration 4 Nights, 5 Days
Experiences Piousness
Cost Approximately INR 1.85 Lakh per person
Departure and Return Location Dehradun (Uttarakhand)


Chardham yatra by helicopter itinerary

Day 01: Arrival at Dehradun

Day 02: Dehradun to Yamunotri

Day 03: Yamunotri to Gangotri

Day 04: Gangotri to Kedarnath

Day 05: Kedarnath to Badrinath

Day 06: Badrinath to Haridwar


Char dham yatra package by car 2023
Chardham yatra cost per person 2023
Chardham yatra cost per person 2023


The Char Dham Yatra package by car 2023 offers the opportunity to design your own journey through the heart of India. Some of the holiest locations in Hinduism, such as Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath, are situated along the route.

You can take the char dham yatra by your own car and make pit stops at revered temples and ashrams along the way to admire the breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains.

cost of char dham yatra packages depending on how many days you have to spare, you could travel to all four destinations by automobile, or you could focus on one or two. Additionally, those who prefer to move at the pace of their choosing with the occasional halt to explore something that interests them may consider driving rather than taking public transit. 

For the best char dham yatra package, driving is enjoyable, but it’s important to consider all available safety measures.

  • Travellers should reserve dependable, air-conditioned automobiles from a reputable travel agency and provide all necessary identification and medical papers. 
  • It is advisable to have a first aid kit on hand in case of any medical issues when travelling. The terrain can be unpredictable and dangerous, so drivers should avoid speeding and reckless driving. If feasible, take rests during long drives, and always be aware of the state of the road. 
  • Bring plenty of water with you, avoid loading heavy items onto the roof of the car because this puts extra strain on the engine, and always check tyre pressure before setting out on a trip. 
  • To minimise falls or mishaps, tourists should exercise caution when climbing around temples.


Chardham yatra review
Chardham yatra cost per person 2023
Chardham yatra cost per person 2023


Chardham yatra review: We Motherland India Holidays Pvt. Ltd offers this package with a variety of transport options including buses, trains, and helicopters. Each mode of transportation has its own advantages and disadvantages. While travelling by bus or train can be cheaper, it may also take longer and have less flexibility. On the other hand, travelling by helicopter can be expensive but saves time and offers stunning aerial views of the Himalayan ranges en route to the shrines. 

Reviews for Char Dham Yatra packages conducted via all modes of transport are generally positive with tourists praising their efficiency, professionalism and attention to detail. Ultimately though it’s up to personal preference and budget when deciding on which mode of transport to choose for this blessed yatra experience.

FAQs related to Chardham yatra cost per person 2023- Motherland India Holidays

How much does Char Dham yatra cost per person by train?

A Char Dham Yatra by train from Delhi would cost you between INR 37,000 to INR 40,000 per person. 

How risky is Char Dham yatra?

Conducting the yatra at full capacity is a risky venture, especially in the case of Badrinath Dham, where the highway is the only route to reach the shrine.

How many days are enough for 4 Dham Yatra?

You need a minimum of 10 to 12 days to complete the Chardham yatra by road and if you choose Chardham by helicopter 2023, then it will be finished in about 4 to 5 days. 

What is the helicopter charges in Char Dham?

Chardham yatra by helicopter will cost around INR 1,85,000 per person to complete darshan in all 4 Dhams of Uttarakhand. Including the price meals, local transfers & hotels, Sightseeing tour. Note that prices are subject to change.

What is the minimum time required for Char Dham yatra?

The complete yatra will take you 11 to 12 days.

How much money required to visit Kedarnath?

Generally, the Kedarnath yatra cost from Haridwar is INR 9500 per person for four day and three nights trip.

Which Dham is difficult?

Yamunotri is the first of the four dhams and definitely the toughest. Although, its located at a lower elevations than the other dhams, the narrow and crowded pathway makes it challenging and tough to reach the temple.

Is there less oxygen in Kedarnath?

At Kedarnath, the atmospheric presence of oxygen is only 40 percent of the required level.

Can we walk in night in Kedarnath?

A reminder, start trekking Kedarnath early in the morning as you can trek between 4:00 am to 1:30 pm and not after that. It is because Kedarnath Dham is situated inside the wildlife sanctuary and pilgrims are not allowed to trek outside this time frame.

At which time Kedarnath is less crowded?

The best time to visit Kedarnath is during the month of May as soon as the temple reopens or during September -October when the crowd is less.

Can I visit only Kedarnath without registration?

Char Dham registration is a compulsory document for those who are planning to visit Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, Yamunotri temples or Hemkund Sahib in Uttarakhand.

Is oxygen low in Badrinath?

Badrinath and Kedarnath Dham are located at a height of almost 11,500 feet above sea level, so the oxygen content in the air is very low.

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